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Losing My Unicorns In Lockdown

Let's throwback to the midst of lockdown - when I found myself suddenly and unexpectedly at the brink.

It was all going unicorns and daisies and 💥BAM💥 suddenly a spelling test culminated in me shrieking DAY D-A-Y DAY DAY DAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY at a confused 5 year old.

Not my finest moment granted. But I know why it happened.

Our family had hit 48 days of lockdown. I'd been teaching my kid for 12 days longer she was ever at school! The workload suddenly shot up and we were struggling to make it through all the worksheets before bedtime.

My homeschool got a helluva lot more like a boot camp.

We stopped finding the time to go out and finding the time to make fun. I had a whip and I was cracking it.

I was also cracking up.

I needed to get out and I needed my friends. I needed all the things I couldn't do.

And my daughter needed all of the above too.

It turns out that we were in good company. We were all cracking up.

And we were right on schedule.

We were entering the third stage of isolation. The good bits and the novelty had worn off and we were starting to fray. It's a phenomenon observed in people who endure the harshest of all isolations - your astronauts and scientists in Antarctica.

To be honest the astronauts were probably allowed a bit more time outside.

I jest!

........I don't.

The good news is that the unicorns would come home. People who endure isolation and come out the other side emerge holding more value for the basics, make better connections and actually want to put themselves through it again.

So. If your unicorns ever bolted leaving a rainbow coloured sh*tstorm in their wake. You were not alone.

Even as we move forward into the unknown, you don't have to do this alone.

One day the unicorns will come home and the daisies will grow again. In the meantime we'll sift through our rainbow poop together xx

If you want less unicorns and more science read the article below:…/coronavirus-covid19-isol…/12190270…

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