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Why The Book

- Charlie Golding, Author -

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on us all. Not least our young people whose world has changed beyond measure and perhaps beyond their current understanding.

When the World Went Inside is a beautifully illustrated children's book designed to build a bridge over this gap, to provide a conversation starter between you and your children and to reassure everyone that this will not be forever.

I'm Charlie, the author of the book and mother of three young children. Along with the rest of the world I was thrown blindly into this crisis. Whilst my children may be tiny, their minds are not. Their questions are deep and important and deserve a fully fledged response. But whilst the children were brewing question after question. I was also trying to work, hold the house together and keep my own sanity intact. 

There was not enough coffee in the day.

I looked for resources to explain the pandemic to my little family, but what I was looking for wasn't there. So I wrote it. For my kids, and for yours.

- The Books -

There are two ways this great little resource can be yours.

A picture book, perfect for little hands to hold or an eBook which can be yours instantly.


When The World Went Inside was written by a mother of three under the advice of a teacher with over 40 years of experience.

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